frequently asked questions

questions and answers often asked by our clients


Do I need insurance for winter sports?
Yes, it is highly recommended! The ESF does not insure its students, we recommend you to opt for the "Carré Neige" which is a specific insurance that covers you in case of accident or illness. You will find more information on our website under the heading Carré Neige click here. 

What methods of payment are accepted by ESF La Plagne? Our online booking accepts all credit cards except Diner's Club.
For payments by money order, transfer, check or Holiday cheques contact us by mail : Contact us


We try to explain below certain messages you may experience when trying to book online.

I can not access the payment page after booking my course/lessons
The security level of your browser must be very high. Use the "Preferences" menu to decrease it. It is also possible that your network uses a "Firewall", which will have to be deactivated during the reservation.

Courses are complete
This means that you have exceeded the deadline to make your reservation (online sales stop at 7 days prior) you will need to contact the ESF and we will inform you of our availability or you have chosen the wrong category in relation to the date of birth of the student.

The age of the student does not correspond to the chosen course
We calculate the number of months between the date of birth and the date of the course to check if the lessons correspond to the age of your child. The age taken into account is that of the child on the first day of class and not the day of your order: that is why this message may seem incoherent, but there is no error. Do not hesitate to choose for your child another course that corresponds to their age at the beginning of the ski vacation.

No courses sold correspond to the age of the student
Try to enter Saturday as the start date of your stay to check that there are no other possibilities or contact us by clicking here.

There are no courses available for this start date but there may be other possibilities for other days of the week
Try to enter Saturday as the start date of your stay to verify that there are no other possibilities.

Contact us in case of level, age problems during the week selected.