Advice for parents

Help to ensure a successful and enjoyable stay for your children

  • A lift pass is not necessary for children enrolled in the children's garden,
  • For children under 5, a lift pass is issued free of charge at the lift pass office on presentation of proof of age,
  • Take your child in advance to the meeting place for their lesson,
  • Bring your child's lesson card to all sessions (even for private lessons),
  • Weather/climate conditions and breakdowns of lifts or any other accidents cannot be attributed to the instructors,
  • Programs and schedules may be modified by the ESF management during the season,
  • On Friday, the last 15 minutes of the lesson will be devoted to the assessment of the levels achieved over the week and the presentation of the medals with the children and their instructors.

Remember to equip your child according to their needs:
  • Skis at correct size: at the chin. Trust the professionals in the rental shops for the settings,
  • Boots fitted correctly with only one pair of socks,
  • A helmet is highly recommended,
  • Warm ski clothes depending on the weather,
  • UV Sunglasses or goggles
  • UV  factor protection Sunscreen
  • Handkerchiefs and a small snack (cereal bar) in their pocket for the break during lesson.